Time Flies By

sally-jeff-baby-800-600Much has happened in the last three years. My family and I were blessed to be able to move into our new home in Daly City. By His grace, I have received a Biblical Studies Certificate from seminary. My wife Sally will be transferring to A.P. Giannini to work with special needs students. My boys Tyler and Zach have graduated and are now moving onto high school and middle school. Kaitlyn will be a high school junior and approaching sweet sixteen! Where has all the time gone?

Having said that, time is precious, and I realized how much time was taken from working a full time job and part time pastoring the youth at church. Honestly, it can be tiring but also a blessing as well when I know it is God who is calling us to serve Him. But please pray for us to find rest in all the busyness of life and to say “no” to the unimportant things and say, “yes” to what is really needed. Our prayer request is for each of us to have a loving relationship with Jesus and be filled with the joy of the Lord. Thank you for being a part of our lives! Please let us know how we may pray for you too! Peace! Jeff Gee