The Household Of God

Our stay in San Francisco has come to a close. A month has passed with the ephemeral fleetness of a beautiful dream. My wife and I will never forget the people and places (and the food!) we have experienced here in the bay area. Serving this church over the past month has been a real joy. I became comfortable far sooner than I had expected because so many of the members were incredibly hospitable and willing to bond with me and my wife.

The first person my wife Janice and I met from Full Gospel English Ministry was Deacon Gun Shim. Deacon Shim is nothing like how I had imagined him to be! From his outward appearance, I had imagined him to be a steely-eyed, all-business, no-nonsense kind of man. In person, however, he is a passionate, light-hearted, jaunty, and generous person. I was refreshed by our exchanges. It was no surprise then, that many of the other leaders in EM like Deacon Daniel, PJ, and Sunny were cut from the same mold. Men of such character contribute to the refreshing ethos in the EM.

Communal prayer is central to the rhythm of this church. We prayed two hours in the morning, one hour in the afternoon, five days per week as full-time staff. So whatever qualms (internal or external) may arise, daily prayer squelches it. I’ve experienced this first-hand. This month was one of the clearest I’ve had in a while simply due to the hours invested in prayer to the Lord.

It’s easy to look around at any church and notice all the things that are missing. However, Full Gospel has ample workspace for an urban church, which is atypical. The pastoral staff here is welcoming, without egos and politicking (as far as I’ve observed during our month’s stay). I really appreciated that type of working environment. The leadership here is full of diverse, anointed people who are eager to grow, to learn, and to be inspired to live for Jesus Christ. I had an amazing time with everyone and owe a great deal to them for the friendship they showed me and Janice. We are so grateful to this church!

I believe that God desires to turn this church community into a powerful force for bringing His light and love to the city of San Francisco. Every community that wants to thrive in Christ must have trained, anointed leadership and a compelling theological vision for God’s mission. My prayer for the Full Gospel San Francisco English Ministry is that God would raise up a leader who can bring that God-given vision for what God wants to do in and through this ministry.

Thank you, Full Gospel Church, and may God continue to pour out His blessings on you! James Kim