Ribbons In The Sky


Genesis 9:13: I have set my rainbow in the clouds, and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and the earth.

Somber gray clouds passed over the parched lands of the bay area to deliver some much needed rain this weekend. However, the deluge was but a prelude for a weekend of family drama and soul-searching. Rain is an equitable disruptor, bringing upheaval and turmoil to both the rich and the poor, weddings and funerals, Gentiles and Jews. When the strong winds and lightning sweep across the sky, we scurry for cover, finding whatever shelter we can under outstretched umbrellas and timorous trees. But where shall we take refuge from the storms of the heart?

We show gratitude to the Lord, as we should, when we experience a new blessing or a favorable turn of events. Even animals do that much. But who among us will show that same thankfulness when tumultuous gales threaten to rip apart our fortunes and our relationships? The Lord is both the Lord of Blessings and the Lord of Troubles. As Job learned, He shows His glory in all things. Howling gusts shall be followed by the caress of a gentle breeze. Troubled skies will open up to reveal breathtaking rainbows.

Being fallen creatures that we are, we cannot fully experience Good until we know Evil; and we can only know Happiness through the experience of Suffering. Through good fortune and catastrophe, the Joy that we carry in our heart from knowing the Lord cannot be taken away from us. Secured by the precious blood of Christ, that Joy is our inheritance. No storm can uproot us if we hold fast to the Tree of Life and the promise of His covenant. His promise shall endure and the darkness shall not overcome it! Timothy Yu