Resurrection Week Fasting

For the next two Sundays, the Yeshua-In Community will be taking sign-ups for one or more meal fastings for Resurrection Week, which starts Monday 3/30 until Friday 4/3.

Christ Jesus Himself prepared the week for crucifixion on the cross for us, and we too want to going through Resurrection Week by fasting a meal to remember and to commemorate.

The idea is that the Christ follower will fast through the meal time that he or she signed up for, and spend the time of fasting in prayer, or by reading the portion of Christ’ death in God’s Word instead of eating food.

This is not mandatory fasting, but all believers in Christ are strongly encouraged to participate. There are a total of 15 meals (3 meals a day over 5 days). There will be a sign-up sheet available before and after service. Pastor Johnny Lee hopes and prays to see multiple names signed up for all 15 meals.