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Our bible study group started in 2012 after one of our church retreats. During the retreat, a few of us casually shared our thoughts about the importance of having a weekly fellowship and how small groups have fostered our spiritual growth in the past. A week later on a Wednesday night, a group of us gathered in a living room and praised God that we had a small group! We were all gathered desiring to meet with God and allow Him to propel us forward in our spiritual lives. We didn’t have a structure for our meetings but all we knew was that we shared in the same passion to know the Lord better, to feed on His word, and to have a place for all brothers and sisters to enjoy the presence of the Holy Spirit.

The Lord gave this bible study group the name ReCharge, because it truly is a place where all may come to get recharged and refilled by the Spirit of God. What we do is we go over a book in the Bible, one or two chapters a week, and once we are done with that book, we have a break week and enjoy a meal together to celebrate. Our group is a good size so that everyone gets to share their thoughts, blessings, and questions about the chapter. We hope to see you at our next meeting on Sundays at 1:00PM! Sylvia Choy

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The married couples group began to meet in 2013. By joining this small group, our married couples have been able to share their lives with other married couples in our ministry and meet many wonderful people. As a group, we have grown so much together in faith and shared so many stories and prayers for one another.

Currently we meet once a week on Friday nights. We usually have a meal together and depending on what we have planned, we will get together and pray for one another, or go through a book study together, or just have fellowship. We rotate between different homes to keep it fresh and it’s a very relaxed atmosphere when we get together. It’s something I think we all honestly look forward to after a long work week.

We encourage anyone who is seeking to be a part of a welcoming and nurturing small group to please join us! Eric Gee

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The Young Adults ministry is comprised of high school, college students, and recent graduates. Young men and women that are just entering adulthood participate in group activities that reinforce the teachings of the Gospel. Activities include Sunday basketball after service, bible study, and charitable activities in the city. Please contact the group leader for more information. Johnny Lee

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