Meaning Of Marriage By Tim Keller

We learn a lot in our Married Couples small group. In a recent session, the couples went through a book study together and read Tim Keller’s book the “Meaning of Marriage”. It was absolutely a fun book to read through and also hilarious to hear the different stories behind each one of our marriages.

We all took away something special from the book to help improve our marriages and our relationship with Christ. We learned about Christ’s sacrificial love and what that means to us in our own marriages. That our bodies are not our own, but our bodies are to be submitted to each other.

We learned that marriage is not perfect, but something to be worked on and to be perfected through our love of Christ and love for one another. We also, learned that marriage is not for everyone. In fact, apostle Paul states that it’s better to be single, so that your affairs are the same affairs of the Lord.

Overall, it was a great time learning about God’s vision and plans for our marriages, learning more about our spouses, and sharing some great stories with one another. Eric Gee