Looking Forward To Korea

PJ-and-family-480My family and I have been at Full Gospel Church, San Francisco for the last two years. I have been serving as youth pastor while still working weekdays at Cornerstone Academy. We have been blessed to have community with the English Ministry and look forward to continue growing and adjusting to our new church environment. Missions are greatly emphasized, and we are privileged and blessed to be going to South Korea to provide Vacation Bible School for the rural children in the farmlands. We will receive training with Ezemiah Ministry on Jeju Island the first week and then embark to the rural parts of Seoul for the last two weeks. This will be our family’s first time traveling outside the United States and we couldn’t be more excited! As we teach the children English, we prayerfully hope to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with them and their families and see what God will do!

There is a financial cost in going on the mission trip. All funds that are raised go to transporting and housing those who are going. Should you be inclined to contribute financially, please make checks payable to “Full Gospel SF” and in the memo write “Korea Mission 2014.” Please do not feel obligated! More urgently needed are your prayers! My specific prayer request is as follows:

1. Unity: the team will work together well through His Spirit

2. Gospel: Even though there may be a language barrier, pray that the Gospel will be communicated through His Word and acts of love

3. Health: it will be very hot and humid. Pray for sound bodies, mind, and spirit

Thank you for partnering with us in sharing the Gospel! God bless! Jeff Gee