Like A Spiritual Vitamin!

God has brought many people to Recharge bible study: friends, classmates, brothers and sisters from other churches looking for a Bible-centered small group, and loved ones who are just curious to know why we love Jesus so much. People have come and gone, but each meeting and each moment is significant because the Lord touches us in different ways and is big enough to meet each person individually. Yes, God is good.

I love Recharge because I am so blessed and privileged to have a mid-week chance to get recharged in my faith and spirit. There are never enough hours in a day to do everything we want to do, especially to pray and spend time with God, but He is so faithful and gracious to take our heavy burdens and give us His light yoke in the time that we seek Him.

When I see others being blessed from sharing, hearing, praying, I am also blessed and my heart is warm. I believe that every believer is a leader for Christ and Recharge is the perfect place for us to exercise our spiritual muscles for leadership.

Last but definitely not least, the time spent in prayer is always powerful and sweet, and I never leave feeling the same as when I’ve entered. Praise the Lord for all He has done! Sylvia Choy