I Left My Heart In San Francisco (And I just got here!)

My name is James Kim and I am a Korean American pastor based in New York. I was blessed to be invited by Full Gospel to be a visiting guest pastor for the month of July. When my wife Janice and I landed in the bay area, our immediate impression was “Wow!” All of our senses had to be re-calibrated from the overwhelming urban sensory noise of NYC to the relatively quiet murmuring winds and the soft hum of cars in the distance. Truly, our eyes viewed life in 1080P High-Definition here; our skin felt a brisker, crisper air.  Actually, we smelled fresh air for the first time in months since our honeymoon in Hawaii. The scenic drives from Highway 1 and Highway 280 were stunning. And of course, the local food is world class.

For me, a nagging question emerged: were we, as Renee Descartes famously posited, being deceived by our senses? No, this place was real and it exuded an original, clean, and broad-spectrum stimulation. It reminded me of a certain place in the Land of Narnia that C.S Lewis described as a place where “you could almost feel the trees growing.” We look forward to exploring and experiencing this amazing area during our stay. James Kim