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March 2017 Events Announcement

March Sundays – Leadership Training 12:30 pm – 2 pm EM Office
March 7th Tuesday – Game Night 7-9 pm
March 12th Sunday – Discipleship Street Outreach
March 24th Friday 7 pm- 9pm – Hot Chocolate Outreach – $10/person – Ywam SF – Tenderloin

February 2017 Events Announcement

February 12th – Family Worship (CM/YOUTH/EM) – Sermon: Pastor Park
February 12th – Volleyball Fellowship with KM
February 19/26th – Discipleship Street Outreach

2016 Winter Retreat

A big THANK YOU to all of us to who made the Full Gospel Young Adults and Singles Winter Retreat such a great success! The Redwood Alliance campground was truly filled with the Holy Spirit as we prayed for and received a great blessing from the Lord. Along with our fellow brothers and sisters from the body of Christ, we rededicated ourselves to our walk with the Lord and experienced the Peace and Meaning of the season.

The video of the festivities can be viewed below and on the Homepage. The direct YouTube link is found here.

2016 Evangelism Festival

Full Gospel San Francisco would like you to invite one non-believer family member or friend and bring them to our special Evangelism Festival on December 25, 2016 at 10:30AM. Our Lead Pastor, Pastor Oh, will deliver a special message catered to the non-believer. There will also be special performances and a special lunch provided for our honored guests! Don’t miss this opportunity to invite your loved ones to come to know Christ and to receive the gift of God!

Thanksgiving Joint Worship

Thanksgiving Joint Worship at 10:30 am in Main Sanctuary!
It’s the last Sunday before Thanksgiving, and Full Gospel will celebrate and give thanks together as one big family in Christ! Children, Youths, and both the Korean and English ministry will take part in the schedule this year.

The English ministry also is honored to be tasked with welcoming and greeting church members and guests this Sunday. Our members should be ready to stand by the main sanctuary entrance door and welcome EVERYONE as they come into sanctuary. Please come early to show your support and spirit!

The EM will also sing “Give Thanks”, a praise song that we have been practicing since last Sunday, as an inter-generational choir. Please try to wear white-color top and black-color bottom when you can to match your fellow choir members. The choir will meet at 10:00 AM before service!

Upcoming Events For Fall/Winter

Check the calendar for additional details and updated information!

Sunday November 6 Volleyball Fellowship (2PM to 4PM)

Sunday November 20 Thanksgiving Family Worship (10AM to 12PM)

Saturday December 10 EM Churches Basketball Tournament in Fremont

December 19-21 Joint Singles/Young Adults Retreat at Redwood Alliance

December 25 Evangelism Festival at Full Gospel

2016 Haiti Mission Trip

2015-Haiti-MissionFull Gospel Church will be making its annual mission trip to Haiti from 6/28 to 7/2. Haiti is an island of incredible beauty, as well as heart-wrenching human catastrophe. The city of Port Au Prince still has not yet fully recovered from recent natural disasters. There’s nothing as humbling as seeing first-hand what true economic poverty looks like. But neither is there anything as inspiring as the human spirit being lifted up by the love of God even in the midst of utter devastation.

The cost of the plane ticket and the registration will be about $1,000 plus incidentals. If you have the financial resources to make this physical and spiritual journey, we highly recommend that you do so! If you’ve never been on a mission trip before, it will definitely change your life! Click below to hear amazing testimony from the church members who went on the Haiti mission last year.

Full Gospel Haiti Mission Testimony

2016 Resurrection Sunday

The most important day on the Christian calendar is the Day of Resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Come and celebrate the redemption that our Lord purchased for us on Sunday March 27th, 2016. In lieu of our regular service on the 3rd floor, we will have one joint English/Korean Ministry service at 10:30 AM in Main Sanctuary downstairs. Ushers will show you to your seat and English interpretation will be provided.

March Family Worship

Please join us for family worship this Sunday, March 20th! The Children’s Ministry, Youth Ministry, and English Ministry will hold their second Family Worship for 2016. Come and enjoy fellowship with our Full Gospel family community and be blessed!

Good Fruit Concert Featuring Sam Ock, J. Han, and Promise

The Grey Ivory Tour highlights the journey of two recent college graduates: one struggling with his purpose and identity, and the other struggling with the darkness in both his own character and society at large. These two artists, J. Han and Sam Ock, share their stories of overcoming pain on Grey and Tower Ivory respectively—jazzy, soulful hip hop and pop albums that resound deeply with the unique difficulties facing students and young adults.

On Friday 2/12 and Saturday 2/13, the Grey Ivory Tour will arrive at Full Gospel San Francisco for two evenings of special performances by Sam Ock, J Han, and Promise. These young musical artists will showcase their contemporary musical style. This event is 100% free admission. You do not need to bring a ticket for entry. Exclusive merchandise will be available to purchase at the event, and J. Han and Sam Ock will be available to meet after the show! Special guest Promise will also be performing as the opening act.

Check out recent performances from Sam and J. Han on YouTube and below.

Media Release From Good Fruit Co:

Media has long stood at the forefront of culture and has a profound way of speaking into the deepest parts of human nature. Its impact can spark movements, shift perspectives and essentially be life changing.

At Good Fruit, our passion is to engage culture with excellent, uncompromising, and influential media that will nourish souls. This is the purpose and goal of Good Fruit work.

This hope is rooted in the Gospel message of Jesus Christ, that “God so loved the world, He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him, shall not perish but have everlasting life.” (John 3:16)

The foundation of Good Fruit is rooted in the truth of Jesus Christ, who saves, redeems, and renews all things so that through Him we may produce good fruit.