A Living Legend

The phrase “a living legend” may seem too flattering to describe most people, but I cannot think of a more fitting phrase to describe Rev. Kwan Chin Oh, lead Pastor of Full Gospel Church. Oh was born in South Korea and while he was in Junior high, he experienced the Holy Spirit’s powerful touch at a revival meeting. There at the revival, he gave his life to serve God either as a pastor or a missionary.

In 1972, after completing his military duties in Korea, Rev. Oh joined the Full Gospel Church in Yeyido as an assistant pastor. Two years later he was sent to San Francisco to minister to the growing number of Koreans immigrating to the US. For the past four decades Rev. Oh has faithfully and prayerfully served as the Senior Pastor of Full Gospel San Francisco Church.

His ministry had a humble beginning in a small room on the third floor of the Glad Tidings Church. With his commitment to prayer and preaching that is biblical, passionate, and gospel centered, God began to bless the church. In 1980, Rev. Oh along with the church elerders, began the first phase to build a beautiful church right next to the Glad Tidings church. After completing the building of our current church location, Rev. Oh and the elders served the Korean Americans in the Bay area who were tired and weary from the challenges and the hardships of the immigrant life.

After forty years of humble, faithful, and prayer filled service, Rev. Oh is as energetic as ever. While thankful to God for the past blessings, he is focusing on the future. He is committed to blessing the future generations living in San Francisco. His vision is to see the Holy Spirit move in San Francisco as in the days of the Pentecost. He desires to see the Full Gospel church transition from being an immigrant church to impact the diverse communities in our city.

Today, I have the privilege to observe and witness this “living legend” faithfully and passionately pray for the revival of our city as he had faithfully done for the past forty years. Everyday he prays five to six hours for revival to come to the people of San Francisco. As I learn to pray with him, I imagine that this is the kind of blessing Joshua had when he was allowed to stay with Moses during his time with God. Thank you Rev. Oh for living a legendary life of prayer and blessing our church! Rinnah Song