2015 Haiti Mission Trip

2015-Haiti-MissionFull Gospel Church will be making its annual mission trip to Haiti from 6/28 to 7/4. Haiti is an island of incredible beauty, as well as heart-wrenching human catastrophe. The city still has not yet fully recovered from her recent natural disasters. There’s nothing as humbling as seeing first-hand what true poverty looks like. But neither is there anything as inspiring as the human spirit being lifted up by the love of God even in the midst of utter devastation.

The cost of the plane ticket and the registration will be about $1,000 plus incidentals. If you have the financial resources to make this physical and spiritual journey, we highly recommend that you do so! If you’ve never been on a mission trip before, it will definitely change your life!

Please contact Stuart Chi if you’d like to join us on our mission to Haiti. Sign-ups are closed 3/15/2015.